About PhatAC

PhatAC is the most functional server emulator for Asheron's Call.

It is written in C++11 using Visual Studio. It is original code and not based on any other project.

The current source code remains private to contributors and participating developers only. For more on this, read the FAQ.


To make available an Asheron's Call environment to play in under the absence of the live servers.

Additional Background

The oldest origins of PhatAC stem from a few months of dirty programming in early 2004. It was a minor hobby project, existing alongside a number of other complex projects such as content viewers and client simulators. It was private and primarily served as an experimentation tool. Fast forward more than a decade and the project has been resurrected and rewritten with a focus on implementing real live server behavior.

The current code is many magnitudes larger than the original and contains significant amounts of functionally identical code to the real Asheron's Call live server. The source code is closed to the general public. It contains many server emulator features that were never implemented before such as a full physics and animation engine that is true to the original. It contains a wide variety of logic to utilize nearly all the data available in the game files as well as data extrapolated from captures.