PhatAC game play features are too numerous to list. Below are some of the basic highlights.
Engine Features
  • Full parsing and utilization of all server-relevant portal.dat and cell.dat data.
  • Full collision and physics system nearly identical to AC.
  • Full server-driven/predicted animation system nearly identical to AC.
  • Full and stable network system.
  • World object distribution system.
  • Full persistence including character and inventory saving.
Gameplay Features
  • Functional corpses, containers, chests, doors, gems, portals, books, traps, levers, hazards, lifestones, altars, and other world objects.
  • Hundreds of functional quests, with support for counters, flagging, keys, and more.
  • Hundreds of functional NPCs including working vendors.
  • Hundreds of functional crafting and quest item recipes.
  • Experience, skill credit, and leveling system with raisable attributes and skills.
  • Spellcasting including buffs, life magic, portal spells, and war projectiles.
  • Thousands of functional clothing and weapons.
  • Functional melee combat with different weapon types.
  • Monster combat (including spellcasting), artificial intelligence.
  • Populated landscape and dungeons.
  • Functional fellowship and allegiance systems.
  • Functional utility skills such as Healing and Lockpick.
  • Support for both traditional and PK only server modes.
  • Support for moderation through Advocate, Sentinel and Admin access levels.
  • Loads of commands for exploring the map and experimenting with the game.
Ingame Commands
  • Too many to list. Type !help ingame. Elevated access provides a much larger set of commands.